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Reed Diffusers - NEW to Bliss


reed-diffuser.jpgPerhaps you're seeking an option which allows for continued fragrance whilst you're out. After all, its not safe to have a flame left unattended. Or perhaps you have children with busy little hands! Or are you an allergy sufferer?

Reed Diffusers or Melts are both suitable options for some of these problems. Check out the 14 Fragrances on offers HERE >>

The absence of a flame means no soot is released into the air, which is great for asmthma sufferers or those with allergies. Reed diffusers are made with a very high percentage of fragrance oil, natural rattan reeds then draw the fragrance up and diffuse scent into the air. There's no flame to worry you and diffusers are great for permenant placement in bathroom areas or places with more stubborn smells.

Bliss Reed Diffusers are a great alternative to our line up of Soy Candles.

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