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Mythology of the TRIPLE SCENTED soy candle


wholesale-soy-candle.jpgI've had THE BEST feedback of late regarding the great scent throw of my hand poured soy candles. With a few asking the question - are Bliss Candles “Triple Scented”? The answer is YES & NO, let me explain.

Firstly, I don't market my products as Triple Scented, I find the term somewhat misleading, in that it suggests a greater amount of fragrance has been blended into the product. You see, every type of wax has a maximum amount of fragrance that can be added to the wax before the wax becomes saturated and is unable to hold anymore fragrance. When this saturation point is exceeded the wax can't set and can even pose a fire risk if ignited.

The percentage of wax to fragrance varies slightly between soy, paraffin and bees wax and even varies subject to the fragrance added. For discussions sake let’s say soy wax becomes saturated with fragrance at 9%, we’ll call this a “maximum scented” candle. So..... presumably a soy candle branded as “Triple Scented” means your candle has three times more fragrance than the “maximum scented" candle. Doing the Math 3 x 9% = 27% fragrance. This is not possible!

In reality a triple scented candle is either

1.    A “maximum scented" candle which presumably is then marketed as a “Triple scented” candle because relative to other candles within that manufacturers range (or on the market) it has three times the fragrance. For this assumption to be true then all the other candles within that manufacturers range (or on the market) must have only have 3% fragrance i.e. 9% ÷ 3 = 3%. Whilst I don’t doubt some manufacturers scrimp on fragrance and may use only 3% fragrance - generally they dont, which i feel makes the triple scented claim misleading to the consumer.  Or there’s the other possibility.........   2.    It’s not 100% soy. The saturation point of the wax is artificially increased by diluting 100% soy wax with other types of waxes or worse; by the use of chemical additives, additive which burn and are released into your home. You see, we don’t regulate candle making in Australia so even a candle labelled as a SOY CANDLE may contain far more than just soy wax. Again I feel this is somewhat misleading and a good reason to look for candles made from 100% soy wax and containing ONLY soy wax, fragrance and a wick. Even if diluted with other waxes or with the use of additives, my own experimentation leaves me very doubtful that a true tripling over a “maximum scented candle” could actually occur.

As a candle maker it’s important to me that my products contain the RIGHT amount of fragrance without compromising quality, aesthetics, scent throw or ingredients. This doesn’t always mean more, because too much fragrance does have its downsides. This is why I always undertake stringent testing before I release any new fragrance. The testing process allows me to adjust my recipe to suit the jar, wick properties, fragrance flashpoint and surface area of the molten pool of wax. Ok, so that was getting a bit technical, but there it is – TRIPLE SCENTED CANDLES - some clever marketing at play!

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